About Us, Our Activities and Vision

Our Trustees are well-settled business personality in society. They always are up for assisting any social cause of society either financially or through manual help. They have been doing social work for community/ society from last 20 years and now many more people in society are inspired by their work and wants to join hands to take their work more broader in an organized way.

Therefore, an NGO in the name of “SHUBH LABH” has been formed to improve living standards of poor through charity and financial help.

As we all know there are many slums in Delhi NCR, which have a large proportion of people employed in a very low-paying job and are responsible for sending money to support even to their families living in rural areas. They are generally rickshaw-puller, drivers, domestic servants or cooking helpers, labours, and are working in or running small businesses such as tailor shops, tea stalls or cigarette shops. Slum inhabitants don’t own their homes, so they have no motivation to improve their surroundings. They are unwilling to take responsibility for community amenities such as water tap, or any shared facilities are often in disrepair or in bad condition.

Our NGO aims to spread awareness to people to donate their used cloths, stationery, books and toys, etc. Donated material would be refurbished (like cleaning, repairing, sorting and packing). This material will be then provided to slum dwellers not as a charity but for work to solve their community’s problem like water, sanitation, hygiene, education etc. Similarly, Stationery and toys etc. would be given as reward for efforts made by children in learning a behavior to make their surrounding cleaner, hygiene, disciplined etc. We also have projects to build libraries, computer centers, sports facilities in slum-schools. This will help them gain a sense of social responsibility and motivation to stand in society with pride.

Same slum dwellers have a sense of social as well as financial mismatch in comparison to other people in society, for a person who need to start or expand his business, buy rickshaw or auto or food cart, pay for a son or daughter’s wedding, or just get themselves out of financial difficulties, they have no bankers available to help them. This is letting these people make a feel that banks are only for more privileged members of society who already have a standing in market. The only option left is privatized loan sharks who charge hefty interest of up to 10% per month, and who often uses violence and intimidation if repayments are overdue.

Our NGO has also done certain project to provide financial assistance to such persons at affordable interest rates without any colleterial for their materialistic and social growth, help them to stand in a similar society with more pride and better resources. We don’t aim at providing them money as gift or charity to ensure that they work for the repayment of loan and not to live only on charity by institution like ours.