The Making of Mood Catcher by Hrishikesh borah

20th June, 2018. A darkest day of my life.

What is the smallest thing that has the ability to take your breath away?
All it was, was a text message, that sucked everything from me.

It was from HER mom, informing that she was admitted in the ICU.
It took minutes to calm my racing heart. Everything will be alright, won’t it? It has to!

I immediately rushed to the hospital. Sitting at one corner, distraught, was her mom. I held her hands while she told me how it all started.

She had been suffering from Coronary Artery Disease (a hole in the heart) from her birth itself.
She had been recovering from her last stroke which left her partially paralysed. She had been going through so much, her health, her mom’s battle against cancer. Nonetheless, she fought.
That day early in the morning she had problem breathing due to which she was admitted straight to the ICU. Before leaving for the ICU she told her parents in suffocation and pain that she might not survive this time. There was fear in her tone while she said this.

That’s what her mom told while I shivered with grief.

I insisted her mom to allow me to see her. In ICU there’s some strict norms which were needed to be followed but luckily we both were allowed and I went to see her.

I was so shocked after seeing her, her face was growing so blubber and she was getting oxygen from a thick pipe which also acts as a food pipe too. I waved my hands and in respond she blinked her eyes, though I was not sure whether she identified me or not because of that clinical mask I was wearing. I hope she did realise it was me and feel the support of everyone who loved her.
I knew she was suffering from pain for all these years and now I could see her suffocation too.
Before leaving I touched her feet. As I turned, deep down I had a fear of losing her. She was a fighter, but maybe she was giving up on herself this time.

23rd June, Saturday.
One that day I was far from my home, on my way to Jorhat from Arunachal Pradesh when I received a call from her mom’s number. Her brother asked me where I was. I knew something was wrong in his tone and then he told me… for which I was really not prepared and I cried in grief and trust me this is the second time I really did cry soo much for someone after my pet dog Daisy died a decade ago.
In the next early morning I got a text from her cousin asking me to make a portrait of her and this is how it all started.

Last month I was informed about an online fine art competition organized by IIT, Varanasi. The theme is on Expression. That time I decided to make a portrait of a famous Youtuber named @mostlysane. She is indeed very charming with a wide range of facial expressions capturing her emotions!

But I realised this might be a chance to tell the story of the most important person I just lost to death. Her innocence, her struggle, her courage, all captured in her such beautiful face.

Initially I grew weak whenever I saw her picture before attempting to draw. I drawn her portrait in real for quite a lot time but this time whenever I start to think that she’s gone for real, that really freaks me out!!!
Her weakness did not define her, it was her brave heart that made her my hero.
And with half the courage she had, I attempted to put her aura into mere paper. It may not be enough, but its the least I could have done for her.

If I could speak to her now “I really miss you Suman, I hope that you are in a little peace now. You fought really hard these years and I pray to see you again in good health and so much more happiness in the next life . I really respect you and … I love you so much.
Thank you for sharing a part of your life with me. You are a Queen in real!” ❤