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Dewani ho gai dance by Khushi Tayal, Delhi

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Bolna choreographed by Hritik Gupta, New Delhi

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Rain Walk by Munib sultan, Delhi

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Music of the Earth by Diya Sengupta, Mumbai

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Blossoms by Ujjawal Jindal, Baghpat

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I am Malala by Sajid ali, New Delhi

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Portrait by Riya Kujur, Jamshedpur

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AANKHEN -Ek Khoj by HEMA GANDHI, Bangalore

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Art of serendipity by Devashish Lak, Delhi

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SPARK – a ray of hope by Mansi Kesharwani, Gurgaon

Spark, how you get it, where you observe it… It lies in the […]

Tech Vs Environment by aayushi sharma, Gurgaon

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Couple Sketch by khushabu sharma, Ahmedabad

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Amitabh Bachhan’s Vector by khushabu sharma, Ahmedabad

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Virat kohli’s Sketch by khushabu sharma, ahmedabad

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Deepika padukone’s portrait by Khushabu sharma, Ahmedabad

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Mythific- the science behind the Indian myths by Aayushi sharma, Gurgaon

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Lazy life is long life by LAZY LIVE LONG LIFE, Amritsar

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Photography by Anil Chauhan, Surat

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Nature on Wheels by Vamika Khanna, Amritsar

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Phenomenal Woman by Aman Bharti, Allahabad

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Morning scenario by BHARAT KISHOR BELDAR, Nashik

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Flemigo by Bharat beldar, Nashik

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Pen Art by Anagha bondarde, Pune

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Night Silence by Bharat beldar, Nashik

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Deep rooted OWL by Bharat kishor beldar, Nashik

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Ink Color Painting by Anagha bondarde, Pune

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BFF goals by Ishika Jangid, Banswara

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Son Goku by Aman Rawat, Noida

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Photography by Anil Chauhan, Surat

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yin and yang by Saloni Jain, Mumbai

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Childhood Memory by Vinod karki, New Delhi

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Portrait by Madhu panwar, Sri Ganganagar

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One Punch Man by Vipin Thakur, Kullu

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The chaotic soul by P.P.Anusha, Durgapur

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The sun is gone, but I have a light by Shreyansh Jain, Ujjain

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Kerala boat view by Khushbu Kumari, Bangalore

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Sketch by Raghav shriwas, Udaipur

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Love Till Eternity by Ronit Bohra, Dehradun

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Nature by Kalyani sayare, Aurangabad

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Being your Bridal by Guramarpreet Kaur, Mohali

I’m coloring my ‘Soul’ with the henna of your name’s devotion… Decorating myself […]

Thanos from GOTG by Bharat Raman, New Delhi

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The Mine You by Bharat Raman, New Delhi

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Sketch by Shagun Srivastava, Lucknow

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Collection of Pencil Sketch by Prajwal, Tumkur

https://shubhlabh.ngo/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Video_20180807105511032_by_videoshow-5b692db502d40.mp4 [poll id=”826″]

Folk art by Dr. Daizy, Jaipur

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Shower beauty by Praveen V, Virajpet

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Mom’s by Bismoy Das, Kota

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Life is beautiful as you are by Uma, Faridabad

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Purple Nature by Shipra Sachan, Kanpur

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Rotaring by Priyanka, Hydrabad

Mere spectator by Semtika, Mumbai

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Dives in thoughts by Ramana Das, Faizabad

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Doodles on my mind! by Ramana Das, Faizabad

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You Are the only one by Aparna Singh Kushwah, Gwalior

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Nonchalant by Omkar kaigude, Pune

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Oil pastels portrait by Priyanka yadav, Navi Mumbai

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Oil painting on canvas by Anuj, Jammu

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Game of thrones-the end by Shubham singh, Indore

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Old Age Women by Sapna singh, Kolkata

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Pencil drawing by Maheswari, Chennai

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Weed baba by Tanmoy Bain, Chennai

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Eye of the Ganges by Parvandh Krishnan, Pune

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City in Rain by Ayan Dutta, Rupnarayanpur

Kolkata as we all know as city of joy, becomes more beautiful and […]

Life in Black and white by Shivali verma, Ghaziabad

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Rabindranath Tagore Portrait by Ayan Dutta, Rupnarayanpur

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An open boundary by Poorva Singh, Indore

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Bhagat Singh by Kartik, Delhi

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Charlie in loops by Shubham Sunthankar, Pune

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The friend by Priyanshu Bansal, Guna

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Charcoal Portraits by Prerna, Manglore

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Pain by Divya, Aligarh

A female in kathak dresse represent india and Indian culture and with her […]

Science friction by SPANDAN GOGOI, Dibrugarh

https://youtu.be/xhPRH2OEu2Q [poll id=”796″]

Charcoal art johnny depp by Yashaswi Pathak, Lucknow

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All about imagination by Anurag chettri, Gangtok

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Samvedana by Jyoti Saini Siddiqui, Lucknow

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Ink rendering by Komal kaur sidhu, Hyderabad

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Myself by Mrunal More, Khamgaon

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Gaze by Dixita Sharma, Mumbai

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Resource of life by Monika, Patna

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New Baby Born by DIMPLE PANCHOLI, Vadodara

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Balance by DIMPLE PANCHOLI, Vododara

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A Lovely Model by Himanshu Pundir, Saharanpur

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I am an Artist by Himanshu Pundir, Saharanpur

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Matritva ka prateek by Aayushi Gupta, Jaipur

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Not just a temple by Meghna Agrawal, Ghaziabad

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Doodle by Pavithra shri, Coimbatore

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Lord Shiva by Vaishali solanki, Noida

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Caged by Asna Naseem, Aligarh

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The picture speaks mothers care by RaviTeja Balla, Vizag

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Dream Girl by Shiva, Kanpur

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Lord Shiva by Vikram Purohit, Ahmedabad

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Design by Ms berry, Surat

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Modeling acting by manik mishra, Umaria

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Sita Haran by Bhuvan Kadyaan, Delhi

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Old Love Mother by Tanushree Ghosh, Rajmahal

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Ignored Everyday (Skill India, Make India) by Bhuvan Kadyaan, Delhi

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Oppugnant by Swathi, Bangalore

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Mediation by Nikhil s. Mulkutkar, Navi Mumbai

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Rising Sun Rising Life by Maninder Pal Singh, Jalandhar

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Curve Waves by Kalyani khandare, Aurangabad

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Bhangra dance by Vandana, Delhi

https://shubhlabh.ngo/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/VID-20180406-WA0001-5b6ae815e7aff.mp4 [poll id=”766″]

Not a queen, a Khaleesi by Kalyani khandare, Aurangabad

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Innocence by Kalyani khandare, Aurangabad

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Eyes don’t lie by Kalyani khandare, Aurangabad

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Fire in the water by Kalyani khandare, Aurangabad

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Art of serendipity by Devashish Lak, Delhi

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Punjabi Culture by Rahul dhiman, Sujanpur

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The Happy Vendor by Dhritiman, Guwahati

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Birth of Phoenix by Prasanna Raghavan R S, Chennai

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The Night Thinking by Jay Prakash Sinha, Jamshedpur

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Another India by Aishwarya Todkare, Solapur

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THE DREAM OF MY LIFE by Pooja Sareen, Jabalpur

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Lollipop (boujpuri song) dance cover by sumit, Jarmindi

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My imagination by Bhavadharanik, Trichy

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Poratrait photography by Pratik Vasayani, Surat

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Shouko Nishimiya from movie “A Silent Voice” by Hridaya, Nagothane

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Mother Theresa by Nikhil. K, Malappuram

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Rangoli by BHAVIN GAMIT, Vadodara

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Eye by Mehak Bharti, New Delhi

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Patriotism & women safety by S.MOHAN, Trichy

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Hot Couple by Ch. Divya, Visakhapatnam

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Ludiya Village Gujarat by ayesh Vala, Ahmedabad

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Nature Love by Neha gupta, Zirakpur

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Nature’s own mirror by Vasundhara Sunil Bhoite, Kolhapur

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Nature’s Beauty by Vasundhara Sunil Bhoite, Kolhapur

[poll id=”740″]

One-stroke sketch by ink pen by Vasundhara Sunil Bhoite, Kolhapur

[poll id=”739″]

Nature turning onto machines by Sushmita Dey, Guwahati

[poll id=”738″]

Self portrait by Vasundhara Sunil Bhoite, Kolhapur

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Nature’s adornment by Vasundhara Sunil Bhoite, Kolhapur

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Anxiety by Anisha Mishra, Noida

[poll id=”735″]

A self portrait by Anisha Mishra, Noida

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Reality of me by Anisha Mishra, Noida

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Amazed by Vasundhara Sunil Bhoite, Kolhapur

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X-Men origins : Wolverine Fanart by Harsh Pathak, GORAKHPUR

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The way to happiness by Ami Chavda, Mumbai

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Freedom by Charu gola, Delhi

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Coloufull INDIA by Charu Gola, Delhi

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Mercy by Bhawana Chaudhary, Aligarh

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Nature Inspired by Butterfly by Deeptimayee Patra, Bhubaneswar

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Lord Ganesh Abstract Art by Divya baheti, Ajmer

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The Ballet couple by Nimavat Janvi K, Ahmedabad

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Radha krishna by Shivani Chaudhary, Karnal

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Kathputli by Akshay Sharma, Solapur

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Murals by Ishita attri, Ludhiana

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PV Sindhu by Sambhav, Hydrabad

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Poverty less India by Aswin john cherian, Pathanamthitta

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The Lost Girl by Siddhi Gangar, Mumbai

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Pencil Sketch by Sanchi saini, Jaipur

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THE DREAM’S OF MY LIFE by Pooja Sareen, Jabalpur

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Illumination by Tamanna Parvin, Rourkela

There are two kinds of light – the glow that illuminates, and the […]

Patrionsim by Alagu Raja B, Trichy

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Rock Art by Harshita Sharma, Kanpur

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Aaoge jab tum O saajna by Harshita Saxena, Gwalior

https://shubhlabh.ngo/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Aaoge-jab-tum-O-saajna-5b737cf910c52.mp3 [poll id=”710″]

Faded Glory by Dipayan Sarkar, Kolkata

I took this picture when I was roaming around in Kolkata to click […]

Night- Day Painting by Tushar Jain, Ghaziabad

In this painting i show a same place but at different time. Once […]

Jesus love by Reemy, Lucknow

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Silance by Hemkumar Topiwala, Belgaum

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Nature by Ruturaj vharkat, Solapur

[poll id=”705″]

Sunrise by Richa Pandey, Gonda

[poll id=”704″]

Old Women by Pritesh Rangole, Belgaum

[poll id=”703″]

Dark and Light by Ruturaj vharkat, Solapur

[poll id=”702″]

Buddha the symbol of peace by Shaina Gaba, Pune

[poll id=”701″]

Field byt Hemkumar Topiwala, Belgaum

[poll id=”700″]

Rango Ke Raaz by Veesha Sonthalia, Delhi

[poll id=”699″]

Boatman by Hemkumar Topiwala, Belgaum

[poll id=”698″]

MITHILA Kala by Kaamda Sonthalia, Delhi

[poll id=”697″]

Seeds of Life by Jyoti Bhadri, Chandigarh

[poll id=”696″]

A portrait of Hrithik Roshan by Vidyasagar P, Mudigere

[poll id=”695″]

The farmer by Vijaykumar mergu, Solapur

[poll id=”694″]

Sadhu Smoker by Md aftab alam, Ranchi

[poll id=”693″]

The Glamour of Poverty by Rani Tarachand Zure, Bramhapuri

[poll id=”692″]

My life as an artist by Thangmaism Bikram singha, Duliajan

[poll id=”691″]

When she speaks by Sunidhi Tiwari, Lucknow

[poll id=”690″]

Renji Yomo from Tokyu Ghoul by Sudeshna Ghosh, Kolkata

[poll id=”689″]

Sadhu by Somin jain, Jabalpur

[poll id=”688″]

Crescent descends peaks by Ruby Heer, Chandigarh

[poll id=”687″]

Yashoda- krishna by Amol Desai, Pune

[poll id=”686″]

Stipple Art by Gitapriya Sundar, Chennai

[poll id=”685″]

Soul shelter by Chitralekha Parmar, Vadodara

Desire of togetherness by Chitralekha Parmar, Vadodara

[poll id=”683″]

Golden Smile by Pratik prakash risbud, Dombivli

[poll id=”682″]

World Through My Eyes by Prasanna Raghavan R S, Chennai

[poll id=”681″]

After Use by Rishabh yadav, Saharanpur

[poll id=”680″]

Captures your time by Sri, Chennai

[poll id=”679″]

Disha patani’s portrait by Himanshu vaghasiya, Ankolwadi

[poll id=”678″]

Peacock by Rashmi, New Delhi

[poll id=”677″]

WATERFALL PAINTING by Deepika Gangaram Mirashi, Dombivli

[poll id=”676″]

Nothing is more important than a smile by Madhulika, Madanapalli

[poll id=”675″]

Once in a Million by SK MD MINHAZ, Arambagh

[poll id=”674″]

In love with my darkest side by Shaileshwari nabiyal, Almora

[poll id=”673″]

Ant territory by Himani Goyal, Noida

[poll id=”672″]

Henotic Forage by Himani Goyal, Noida

[poll id=”671″]

Brushstrokes by Riya Juyal, Bangaluru

[poll id=”670″]

Kiss of the nature by Jayraj dangar, Rajkot

[poll id=”669″]

A performance by Ritika, Satna

[poll id=”668″]

Pencil sketching by Z.Asfiya, Chennai

[poll id=”667″]  

Potrait of Lord Krishna by Pradhakshya, Madurai

[poll id=”667″]

Feelings to myself by Rajal Sawant, Panjim

[poll id=”666″]

Sketching by Sumit patyal, Palampur

[poll id=”665″]  

Flowers can grow.. Even after they are stepped on by Kirtika, Gurgaon

[poll id=”664″]

The Call of The Forest by Saniya Mukthar, Bangalore

[poll id=”663″]

Classical grandeur by Aashi jain, New Delhi

[poll id=”662″]

LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY by Shivansh Maheshwari, Neemuch

[poll id=”661″]

Vision of Women by Kiranjot, Delhi

[poll id=”660″]

Tribal Women by Anagha Arra, Bangalore

[poll id=”659″]

The beauty of A pure Love by Saritha Arra, Bangalore

[poll id=”658″]

Peace and fierce by Nikita Sharma, New Delhi

[poll id=”657″]

Hairstyle sketch by Rashi Choudhary, Pune

[poll id=”656″]

Smile is what all you need by Anjali Solanki, Indore

[poll id=”655″]

Hitched for a life time by Pratyusha Ahi, Kakinada

[poll id=”654″]

Mother by Tapan Mahatta, Tinsukia

[poll id=”653″]

Senorita by Dr.Anjali Chaugule, Pune

[poll id=”652″]

Blossom by Dr.Anjali Chaugule, Pune

[poll id=”651″]

Hibiscus flower by Vaidehi Bharat Telange, Navi Mumbai

[poll id=”650″]

A portrait of an old lady and her daughter by Komal jain, Jaipur

[poll id=”649″]

Travel by Charu Madan, Delhi

[poll id=”648″]

Gond Painting Mix Media by Shraddha, Pune

[poll id=”647″]

Resin waves by Siddharth Parmar, Gandhinagar

[poll id=”646″]

Photography by Abhisek mohanty, Bhubneswar

[poll id=”645″]

Photography by Abhisek mohanty, Bhubneswar

[poll id=”645″]

Photography by Abhisek mohanty, Bhubneswar

[poll id=”645″]

Finding Keys of happiness by Ruby sharma, Mandi Gobindgarh

[poll id=”644″]

Jai Maa Kali by Abhisek mohanty, Bhubaneswar

[poll id=”643″]

Photography by Abhisek mohanty, Bhubaneswar

[poll id=”642″]

Still life by Devender, Delhi

[poll id=”641″]

Traditional Indian culture by Sambhav mehta, Jaipur

[poll id=”640″]

Mother: A complete world by Priya Asati, Pune

[poll id=”639″]

The Pride Of India- Taj Mahal by Gaurang Chaturvedi, Jaipur

[poll id=”638″]

Beagle Love by Diya Shekhawat, Jaipur

[poll id=”637″]

Me by Pinki, Alwar

[poll id=”636″]

Classy evergreen by Sushma, Mumbai

[poll id=”635″]

Meditating Buddha by Diya Shekhawat, Jaipur

[poll id=”634″]

Canvas painting – colorful building by Sakshi yadav, Jaipur

[poll id=”633″]

Kalamkari painting by Sakshi yadav, Jaipur

[poll id=”632″]

Canvas painting-night scene by Sakshi yadav, Jaipur

[poll id=”631″]

Escapist by Sai Manish Gunnala, Hyderabad

[poll id=”630″]

Peeping toe by Hardik jhamb, Pune

[poll id=”629″]

Lord Shiva by Pavana, Mangalore

[poll id=”628″]

Buddha by Nikita Sharma, New Delhhi

[poll id=”627″]

Interruption by Neha Gupta, Zirakpur

[poll id=”626″]

Girl Sketch by Shanmukhi, Hydrabad

[poll id=”625″]

South Indian Traditional Women by Madhu, Tirupur

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[poll id=”623″]

Kalamkari painting and save electricity by Sakshi yadav, Jaipur

My first painting that is kalamkari is the folk art which is only […]

Augophilia by Shivangi Maheshwari, Neemuch

[poll id=”621″]

Feelings to myself by Rajal Sawant, Panjim

[poll id=”620″]  

Deepika padukone’s sketch by aadhyatri, Ahmedabad

[poll id=”619″]

Combination of women and building by Paridhi jhabak, Ahmedabad

[poll id=”618″]

Facts are many but the truth is one by Namrta, Katni

[poll id=”617″]

Leh to Delhi by Shubh dev, Kullu

[poll id=”616″]

Arabic Vase Series by Shaan, Ahmedabad

[poll id=”615″]

Isolation by Neha gupta, Zirakpur

[poll id=”614″]

A charcoal portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch by Harsh Sharma, Gorakhpur

[poll id=”613″]

Heather Rooney by Mehak Bharti, New Delhi

[poll id=”612″]

Bloom where you are Planted by Saniya Mukthar, Mumbai

[poll id=”611″]

Logan by Roshan, Mumbai

[poll id=”610″]

Kaya scodelario by Mehak Bharti, New Delhi

[poll id=”609″]

Obsession by Manju Rangaraju, Coimbatore

[poll id=”608″]

Yin and yang by Saloni Jain, Bhayander west

[poll id=”607″]

Buddha painting by Saloni Jain, Bhayander west

[poll id=”606″]

Architect by Nature by Manju Rangaraju, Coimbatore

[poll id=”605″]

The horse painting by Nirali Mehta, Pune

[poll id=”604″]

Lionel Messi World Cup 2018 by Anush Singh, New Delhi

[poll id=”603″]

Acrylic on canvas by Saloni Jain, Bhayander west

[poll id=”602″]  


C Choose your hand like a real man who protects women from all […]

Bas ek kadam aur by Sonipatel, Mumbai

*Bass ek kadam aur* Bas ek kadam aur ish baar kinara hoga, Bas […]

Rendering of The Kerala Boat Race by Sindhuja, Chennai

Every year, durring the second week of August, the world gets to witness […]

Waterfall landscape by Saloni Jain, Bhayander west

[poll id=”598″]

Mandala art by Uma Maheshwari, Hyderabad

[poll id=”597″]

A Women by Shivani verma, Gwalior

[poll id=”596″]

Pencil sketch of Ariana Grande by Ashly Abraham, MALAPPURAM DIST

[poll id=”595″]

Potrait sketch by Saloni Jain, Bhayander west

[poll id=”594″]

Rabbit Heart by Priya Agrawal, Varanasi

[poll id=”593″]

Pencil Sketch by Shilpi Pandey, Kanpur

[poll id=”592″]

Painter and women by Kiran Nayak, Durg

[poll id=”591″]

Beautifull mess by Pratibha, Delhi

[poll id=”590″]

Nature Picture by Kiran nayak, Durg

[poll id=”589″]

Drawing Collection by Megha Suwarani, Nagpur

https://youtu.be/glsmTrKAmsU [poll id=”588″]

Humanity by pradeep kumar sagar, New Delhi

Humanity should be our race. Love should be our religion. In highly prestigious […]

Tribal Queen by Lavanya Mudaliyar, Navi Mumbai

[poll id=”586″]

The golden music by Smridhi, Ludhina

[poll id=”585″]

Native Aura by Deepanshu, Delhi

[poll id=”584″]

Lord Krishna by Vikas chaurasiya, Sitapur

[poll id=”583″]

Pencil Sketch by Sneha Rao, Davangere

[poll id=”582″]

Park Jimin of BTS by Sejal Dobal, Jaipur

Selenophile by Tejasvi Vidyarthi, Nainital

[poll id=”580″]

Anchor by Bhargavi, Nellore

[poll id=”579″]

Growing older with you by Tanmay Nawar, Mumbai

[poll id=”578″]

Tum bin jiya jaye kaise song by Ekta chandra, Nainital

https://shubhlabh.ngo/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/tum-bin-jiya-jaye-kaise-5b711f59c46f7.mp3 [poll id=”577″]  

Majesty by Sneha Rao, Davangere

[poll id=”576″]

Dad & mom by Anil Kumar, Banglore

[poll id=”575″]  

Be the sun to a lost heart by Mahima Tiwari, Noida

[poll id=”574″]

Wedding portrait by Pillai Anu, Ahmadabad

[poll id=”573″]

Indian Western Fusion Wall Mural by Ritesh Tambakuwala, Katihar

[poll id=”572″]

Our life perceived by others by Sneha Rao, Davangere

[poll id=”571″]

72nd Independence Day of India -The Mother of India (BharatMata) by Monohar, Abu Road

[poll id=”570″]

Innocent Child by Hardik Akbari, Vadodara

[poll id=”569″]

Traditional beauty by Sreeram, Hyderabad

[poll id=”568″]

Priyadarshana (In loving vision) one of the name of Lord Shiva by Umesh Kumar Maravi, Indore

[poll id=”567″]

Dance and acting by Kumari Aastha, Ranchi

[poll id=”566″]

Dream Home by Kala, Ahemdabad

[poll id=”565″]

Deep Thoughts by Aadarsh Shukla, Nagpur

[poll id=”564″]

Belief is life by Namrata dey, Ranchi

In this painting ” life comes from belief”. The tattoos on the body […]

The real Universe by Samragnee, Hydrabad

[poll id=”562″]

Child portrait by Rajeshwaran, Mumbai

[poll id=”561″]

Self portrait by Rajeshwaran, Mumbai

[poll id=”560″]

Aghori baba by Jaspreet, Goraya

[poll id=”559″]

Survive by Alisha Bilquis, Bangalore

[poll id=”558″]

Lovely parrots in the rainforest by Anu Krithiga S, Chennai

[poll id=”557″]  

Unable to hide beauty by Vartika Agarwal, Bangalore

[poll id=”556″]

Women and the nature by Sameen Zakaria, Pune

[poll id=”555″]

SAVE ENDANGERED ANIMALS by Mansi Chauhan, Bijnor

[poll id=”554″]

INK COLOUR ART by Anagha bondarde, Pune

[poll id=”553″]

Beauty with Bold by Aman Bharti, Allahabad

[poll id=”552″]

Faces, Marcelo Vieira,Bob Marley by Jijuprasad, Palakkad

[poll id=”551″]

Thoughts by Shobitha.s, Banalore

[poll id=”550″]

Just feel it by Kashmira, Navi Mumbai

[poll id=”549″]

Flowers by Aayushi Gajjar, Surat

[poll id=”548″]

Traveller by Amit freehand, Rohtak

[poll id=”547″]

Dharohar by Aayushi Gupta, Jaipur

[poll id=”546″]

The last Segment by Somashekhar sidramappa Kapse, Solapur

[poll id=”545″]

Pictoreal by Nishartwankhede, Nagpur

[poll id=”544″]

Malala by Majid Ali, Delhi

[poll id=”543″]  

Wolverine-Hugh Jackman by Adesh Venkat Gavhane, Aurangabad

[poll id=”542″]

Papaya by Radhika Argade, Navi Mumbai

[poll id=”540″]

My Acting Skills by Bindhiya S Baiju, Attingal

[poll id=”539″]

A beautiful Macao by Aayushi sen, Kolkata

[poll id=”538″]

Wrinkles… Time when we come by Jahnavi, Visakhapatnam

[poll id=”537″]

Lightning by Ananya Aloke, Mumbai

[poll id=”536″]

Speechless by Renu Sagar, Gaziabad

[poll id=”535″]

The Old Lady Wait by Merai Ekta Mukeshbhai, Surat

[poll id=”534″]

Duet artists dance by Hotfoot brothers, Bhopal

[poll id=”533″]

Acrylic winter wonderland painting by Simran surajmal, Ahmedpur


Do what you love by Simran Kaur, Rajpura

[poll id=”531″]

Chulha by Aditya Anand, Bangalore

[poll id=”530″]  

Lady with a Bicycle by Vibha J Rao, Mangalore

[poll id=”529″]

Still Life by Dhriti Mehra, Amritsar

[poll id=”528″]  

The journey of life by Gaurav Kumar Sinha, Aurangabad

[poll id=”527″]

Tu thodi der aur thehr ja sohneya by Diksha Kasyap, Faridkot

[poll id=”526″]

Women by Kirandeep Kaur, Ahmedabad

[poll id=”525″]

Ocean Beauty by ALEKHYA, Hydrabad

[poll id=”524″]

Rainbow without a dark cloud by Vruti Mistry, Whitnash

[poll id=”523″]

Old Lady by Ankita, Bicholim

[poll id=”522″]

Fairytale by Riddhi damor, Vadodara

[poll id=”521″]

Inside the Colosseum by Gautham Prithvirajan, Chennai

They were not men anymore, they were considered to be spoils of war. […]

Black and white by Amit Sahini, Darbhanga

[poll id=”519″]

A woman with many roles in life by Taruna, Delhi

[poll id=”518″]

Musical instruments by Sheetal sodha, Jodhpur

[poll id=”517″]

Our Rendition of the song Watch Over You by Vaibhav Phillips, Allhabad

[poll id=”516″]  

I was not Crippled until I Lost Hope by Sujithkumar C. Puthran, Mumbai

The old Man sitting in a holy place looked at the skies and […]

A face by Pratith Rajkar, Allahabad

[poll id=”514″]

Birds flying over the tree by Dhruba Basumatary, Biswanath Chariali

[poll id=”513″]

Birds flying over the tree by Dhruba Basumatary, Biswanath Chariali

[poll id=”513″]

Hima das – save girl child by Dipson Terang, Biswanath charali

[poll id=”512″]

Lord Buddha Pencil sketch by Krishna Kher, Udaipur

[poll id=”511″]  

The Saviour by Sweety nath, Guwahati

[poll id=”510″]

Portrait sketch by Aditya Chauhan, Nagpur

[poll id=”509″]

Imagination by Anurag chettri, Gangtok

[poll id=”508″]

Hypocricy involves deception by Sheetal saraswat, Bikaner

[poll id=”507″]

Unable to hide beauty by Vartika Agarwal, Bangalore

[poll id=”506″]

Live on Leaf by Anun Sasi, THRISSUR

[poll id=”505″]

Shiva by Shivangi Indurakhya, Bhopal

[poll id=”504″]

Doodle Art by Mounica Sirigiri, Hydrabad

[poll id=”503″]

Doodle Art by Mounica Sirigiri, Hydrabad

[poll id=”503″]

Dot mandala doodle art by Mounica Sirigiri, Hydrabad

[poll id=”502″]

Zentangle doodle art by Mounica Sirigiri, Hydrabad

[poll id=”501″]  

Watercolour landscape painting by Suresh K Naidu, Mumbai

[poll id=”500″]

Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful by SOUMYA S KUMAR

[poll id=”499″]

Buddha:Reborn as enlighted by Chilanka M D, Kottayam

[poll id=”498″]

Sketch of shirley setia by Harsh Hire, Nashik

[poll id=”497″]

Buddha mean world by Karan, Jabalpur

Zankar Band by Hasmukh makwana, Surat

My work usually revolves around the routine life, it reflects objects that we […]

Loss by Rutuja muley, Aurangabad

[poll id=”494″]

Overlapping of shoes by HIMANSHU SHARMA, Delhi

[poll id=”493″]

Kindness: The Language of Life by Vidushi, Delhi

[poll id=”492″]

My Artwork Collection by Saransh Pal, Satna

[poll id=”491″]

Beloved by Raj Kumar, New Delhi

[poll id=”490″]

Ganpati by Trisha, Valsad

[poll id=”489″]

Mommy’s love by Ashly Abraham, Hyderabad

[poll id=”488″]  

The Circle by Himani, Noida

[poll id=”487″]

Anchor Neha chowdary sketch by Ramesh, ongole

[poll id=”486″]

Shallots by Ritwij jeetendra Kulkarni, Osmanabad

[poll id=”485″]

Passion for life by Suhanigangwal, Dhar

[poll id=”484″]

The Old Man Before The Sea by Sucheta Bandyopadhyay, Kolkata

[poll id=”483″]

Rotate it by R Subash Chandran, Chennai

[poll id=”482″]

Pencil sketching by Z.Ashika, Chennai

[poll id=”481″]

Pencil sketching by Z.Asfiya, Chennai

[poll id=”481″]

Pencil sketching by Z.Asfiya, Chennai

[poll id=”481″]

Reality of today’s world by Anagha Naik, Jabalpur

[poll id=”480″]

The daily chores of a different teenager by Aditi Ramchiary, New Bongaigaon

[poll id=”479″]

Nature in my view by Nikhita, Nalgonda

[poll id=”478″]

Pencil sketch of Tom and Jerry by Thanushree, Banaluru

[poll id=”477″]

Acrylic on Canvas by Saksham Jaiswal, Indore

[poll id=”476″]

Pride of India by Osho Agrawal, Indore

[poll id=”475″]

Still Movement by DEEPAK sahagal, Lucknow

[poll id=”474″]

Connected by Deepak Kumar sahagal, Lucknow

[poll id=”473″]

Proud to be an Indian by Aayushi sen, Kolkata

[poll id=”472″]

Peace in temple by Akash Shelar, Karad

[poll id=”471″]

Victoria memorial seen by the sapling by Sona, Ranchi

[poll id=”470″]

Painting by Shailja, Solan

[poll id=”469″]

Painting by Shailja, Solan

[poll id=”469″]

Peace by Nelbin Sebastian, New Delhi

[poll id=”468″]

Lord buddha by Harshit banswal, Meerut

[poll id=”467″]

Intezaar by Rahul Kurup, Mumbai

[poll id=”466″]

Pen Sketch of Bhishma by Arun Kumar VN, Bangalore

[poll id=”464″]

Scars by Bishista, Guwahati

[poll id=”464″]

Portrait of Hollywood actor Morgan freeman by Navleen Marwa, Sri Ganganagar

[poll id=”463″]

Unkahe Shabd by Akanksha Somani, Bhilwara

[poll id=”462″]

Pencil Sketch by Thanushree, Bangaluru

[poll id=”461″]

Staedtler colour pencil portrait by Sneha dwivedi, Lucknow

[poll id=”460″]

Great Picasso by Chandan Singh Baghel, Agra

[poll id=”459″]

Ajanta cave drawings by Kevin, Rajkot

[poll id=”458″]

Ajanta cave drawings by Kavin, Rajkot

[poll id=”458″]

Ajanta cave drawings by Kavin, Rajkot

[poll id=”458″]


[poll id=”457″]

Proportion is an integral part of aesthetic element by Kavin, Rajkot

[poll id=”456″]

Aesthetic by Kavin, Rajkot

[poll id=”455″]

Thinking Girl by Abhay Sood, Rajpura

[poll id=”454″]

Thought of bright future of farmers by MUSKAN SONI, Ujjain

[poll id=”453″]

A Sketch by Ruby Ravindra Hippalgaonkar, PIMPRI CHINCHWAD

[poll id=”452″]

Digital Portrait by Nishat Naaz, New Delhi

[poll id=”451″]

Night by Asma Siddiqui, Delhi

[poll id=”450″]

Sachin Tendulkar by Abhineeth Ajay, Mangalapuram

[poll id=”449″]



Inner me by Shefali Yadav, Gurgaon

dissipate the darkness. I am the shine. I am the night. My body […]

Still life by Shefali Yadav, Gurgaon

[poll id=”446″]  

Eyes speak by Gvr Meghana, Hydrabad

[poll id=”445″]

Replica of nature by Anurag chettri, Gangtok

[poll id=”444″]

Wolverine by Anurag chettri, Gangtok

[poll id=”443″]

Colourful Ganesha Painting by MONIKA MANEKAR, Hydrabad


Bazaar photography and Wildlife photography by Zaheer ahamed, Chennai

[poll id=”441″]

Nature by Dimple Rathore, Pali

Sunset scene by bhavya anand, Patiyala

[poll id=”439″]

Pencil sketch by bhavya anand, Patiyala

[poll id=”438″]

A beach scene by bhavya anand, Patiyala

[poll id=”438″]  

A girl’s look by bhavya anand, Patiyala

[poll id=”437″]

Comedy by Naman Mishra, Janshi

[poll id=”436″]

Focus by Hariprasad, Karur

[poll id=”435″]

Who is there to save water by R. Esther pretty, Tirunelveli

[poll id=”434″]

Pen Sketch Vaishnavi, Aurangabad

[poll id=”433″]

Kanha ji by Shruti kapoor, Lucknow

[poll id=”432″]

Portrait by Vandana, Delhi

[poll id=”431″]

What can be by Rajesh Ravat, Raipur

[poll id=”430″]

Master Blaster by Abhineeth Ajay, Thiruvananthapuram

[poll id=”429″]

Fusion of sounds by Esha chhaparwal, Jaipur

[poll id=”428″]

Acrylic painting by Komal, Amravati

[poll id=”427″]

Panchatatva by Ankita Sinha, Azamgarh

Five elements of nature.If these elements are not in our lives then we […]

Passionate actor by Althaf Akbar, Ernakulam

[poll id=”424″]

Main Hindu Tu Muslim by Zohheb Farooqui, Lucknow

[poll id=”423″]

A Unknown place by Mitul Prajapati, Ahmedabad

[poll id=”422″]

Twenty One pilots by Mahak Bharti, Rishi Nagar

[poll id=”421″]

Awoman under the rain by Mahak Bharti, Rishi nagar

[poll id=”420″]

Sibylline by Kruti Dabi, Sirohi

[poll id=”419″]

Happiness by Era Chopra, Ludhiyana

[poll id=”418″]

Sandhya by Ninad Sonekar, Kolhapur

[poll id=”417″]

Salman khan’s Sketch by Jalaj Pant, Almora

[poll id=”416″]

Hyper realistic Rangoli by Indrayani Shalik Raut, Wardha

The Making of Hyper realistic Rangoli by Indrayani Shalik Raut https://youtu.be/KSi6_C9Pybg [poll id=”415″]

Soul of the nature by Sanskriti sharma, Gwalior

[poll id=”414″]

THOR-RAGNAROK by Pranjal Talampuriya, Bhopal

[poll id=”413″]


[poll id=”412″]

Being your Bridal by Guramarpreet Kaur, Mohali

[poll id=”411″]

Serenity of a saint by Tanya Bansal, New Delhi

[poll id=”410″] Engage yourself into having peace, there lies nothing more beautiful in […]

Making of friends never ENDS by Gururaja N, Bangaluru

[poll id=”409″]

The balloon burst by Aman Kumar Prasad, Jamshedpur

[poll id=”408″]

Gautama by Anirudhya Dutta, Hydrabad

[poll id=”407″]

Bird by Shubham Sharma, Jodhpur

[poll id=”406″]

It’s all about Rajasthani culture by Urvashi Rai, Jaipur

[poll id=”405″]

Pencil potraits by Srinidhi, Bangalore

[poll id=”404″]

Into the canvas by Kripal singh bhadouria, Gwalior

[poll id=”403″]

The happy warli scene by Manuja, Rohtak

[poll id=”402″]

Nature is beautiful by Shubh, Rohini

[poll id=”401″]

Pencil sketch actress Shraddha Kapoor by Sanket Khade, Pen

[poll id=”400″]

My Thoughts are locked by Jagdeep kaur, Amritsar

[poll id=”399″]


[poll id=”398″]

The mighty thor by Shekhar, Noida

[poll id=”397″]

How you see this by Deependra, Jodhpur

[poll id=”396″]

Jai giriraaj by Shah labdhi, Surat

[poll id=”395″]

A Painting by Sadiya, Delhi

[poll id=”394″]


[poll id=”393″]

Hyperrealistic sketch by Aryan Singh, New Delhi

[poll id=”392″]

Stii learning about art by Dante, Ghaziabad

[poll id=”391″]

Sketch Art by Mayank, Lucknow

[poll id=”390″]

Old Lady Experience by Ipsits Das, Kolkata

[poll id=”389″]

Beauty of nature by Amit Kumbhare, Nagpur

[poll id=”388″]

Bharathanatyam by Sreejith ks, Perinthalmanna

[poll id=”387″]

The Genius ‘PICASSO’ by NEERAJ KUMAR GARIA, Nainital

[poll id=”386″]

Desi Girl Bollywood actress by Shradha Sunil Kondekar, Hingoli

[poll id=”385″]

Lions Drawing by Nancy Jain, New Delhi

[poll id=”384″]


[poll id=”383″]

Krishna Painting by Nancy Jain, Delhi

[poll id=”382″]

World map mandala by Nancy Jain, Delhi

[poll id=”381″]

Grim reaper (pen sketch) by Debasmita Patra, Bhubaneswar

[poll id=”380″]

Nature’s Photography by Mayuri, Varanasi

[poll id=”379″]

Beauty of Relations by Gurbachan Manjh, Amritsar

[poll id=”378″]

Yak by Debasmita Patra by Debasmita Patra, Bhubaneswar

[poll id=”377″]

Smile by Tanzila, Gandhinagar

[poll id=”376″]

Armaan Malik portrait by Arushi, Patna

[poll id=”375″] Armaan Malik is one of the best young singing talent in […]

The borders that leave the heart shattered and dripping by Aditya Khonde, Pune

[poll id=”374″]

Black n White by Chetana S, Bangalore

[poll id=”373″]

Spread Your wings wide! by Shristi Deora, Kolkata

[poll id=”372″]

Handmade Guitar Accessories Shelf by Anchal, Khatima

[poll id=”371″]

Cool dress designs by Anupriya Gupta, Jaipur

[poll id=”370″]

Average art using polychromos pencil by Ritik sharma, Mumbai

[poll id=”369″]

Landscape by Chandan kumar, New Delhi

[poll id=”368″]

Panda by Ankita chawla, Nagpur

[poll id=”367″]

Rain speaks without colors by Ramana Das, Faizabad

[poll id=”366″]

SAVE ENDANGERED ANIMALS by Mansi Chauhan, Bijnor

[poll id=”365″]

Nature Photography by Sukh Kaur, Ropar

[poll id=”364″]

Mother Love by Kanak sirasya, Jaipur

[poll id=”363″]

Pencil Art by Navneet Kaur, Ropar

[poll id=”362″]

Stars can’t shine without Darkness by Gurvinder Kaur, Anand

[poll id=”361″]

Nature of Beauty by Kaleeswaran Jayaraj, Palani

[poll id=”360″]

Landscape photography by Shobin Edward, Korba

[poll id=”358″]

Modern Art by Prachi, Chhattisgarh

[poll id=”357″]

Mother Teresa by Chehak jain, New Delhi

[poll id=”356″]

Poor Boy by Chehak jain, Delhi

[poll id=”355″]

Yin-yang ( nature and man-made ) by Gaurav Kumar, New Delhi

[poll id=”354″]

Taxi Wala by Aayush, Mumbai

[poll id=”353″]

The Old Man by Jay, Rishikesh

[poll id=”352″]

The rock by Shubham Mohod, Nagpur

[poll id=”351″]

Mood Catcher by Hrishikesh borah, Guwahati

The Making of Mood Catcher by Hrishikesh borah 20th June, 2018. A darkest […]

Pen Sketch by Aditya Kadam, Ratnagiri

[poll id=”349″]

Pen Sketch by Aditya kadam, Ratnagiri

[poll id=”349″]

Pen sketch by Aditya kadam, Ratnagiri

[poll id=”349″]

Pen sketch by Aditya Kadam, Ratnagiri

[poll id=”348″]

Madhubani panting i.e. Mithila painting by Lisha, Bhagalpur

Rashke kamar Vs Mi gente by Piyush Gupta, New Delhi

[poll id=”346″]  

Pen sketch by Aditya Kadam, Ratnagiri

Creative potrait by Oendril Das, Hooghly

POTRAIT OF MESSI by Oendril Das, Hooghly

[poll id=”343″]

Twilight by oendril by Oendril das, Hooghly

[poll id=”342″]

Abstract (dance) by OENDRIL DAS, Hooghly

[poll id=”341″]  

Sketch by Shivani kanwar, Shimla

The breaking sanity by Sumona Majumdar, Shillong

[poll id=”339″]

Sight by Saloni, Greater noida

[poll id=”338″]

Our Mind and heart are in control of others by Chehak jain, Delhi

[poll id=”337″]

Atrangi yaari(song) by Akash Garg, Jaipur

[poll id=”336″]

Jalan by Damini Gupta, New Delhi

[poll id=”335″]

Girl with confidence by Shubhi, Lucknow

[poll id=”334″]

Dukha shetkaryache by Nikhil Sudhir kumbhar, Kalyan

[poll id=”333″]

The Happy Monk by Abhijeet S, Chennai

[poll id=”332″]

Tea dust art by Harihar parida, Bangalore

[poll id=”331″]  

Odissi Classical dance form Sangeeta medhi, Guwahati

[poll id=”330″]

Maa by Kavita Mandriya, Bhopal

[poll id=”329″]

Draw by Ajay goud, Vapi

[poll id=”328″]

Poem never dared to be written by Sneha singh, Lucknow

[poll id=”327″]


[poll id=”326″]

Misty Cityscape by Vignesh, Karaikal

[poll id=”325″]